State Senate Decides Casper Should be The Location for State Veterans Home

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. State Senate Transportation, Highways, and military affairs committee members passed a bill Wednesday creating Wyoming's first v-a skilled nursing facility.

However, they also passed an amendment, moving it from Buffalo to Casper.

"We heard much testimony in the previous testimonies that Buffalo could not handle 40 CNA's and 4 RN's and they do not have the doctors." Said Senator James Anderson of Natrona County.

When he first studied the issue 5 years ago, Anderson favored Buffalo, but as he did more research, Casper became his clear choice.

"I was pretty convinced of that until I started looking at the facts about where they could get medical care and where the specialists could be."

Despite the committee amendment, this is far from done.

House committee members approved an identical amendment earlier this session, only for the rest of the body to reject it.

"The onus will be on us to get that education out there and to get that, you know, the factual, correct information in the hands of the Senate so that indeed they can see the array of issues that surround the decision pertaining to each location." Said Cartner Napier, the Casper city manager.

If senators approve Casper, House members would need to do the same before the bill goes to the governor.