Wyo Mineral Committee Optimistic about the State Revenues

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Revenue for the state is in good hands, this according to members with the Joint Minerals Business and the Economic Development Interim Committee.

As oil rigs continue to grow, some wonder what the effects it has on individuals and the properties used.

News 13's Bobby Poitevint was at the meeting and shared more from the meeting.

Oil prices are on the rise, helping to secure revenue for Wyoming, according to state leaders.

A state committee met for a two day session, discussing the future and current status of Wyoming’s mineral industry.
Leaders said state revenue was at the top of the agenda.

Bruce Hinchey reported, “To gather information on the state of the industry so they know how well the industry is doing both oil and gas, coal, trona everybody because they know one of the big issues in this state is finding revenue."

He added, consistent oil prices have been the key.

"Our prices have been pretty steady around 45-50 dollars a barrel for oil and about 2.75 3 bucks for oil and gas, things are way better than they were last year."

Committee members are also optimistic about clean coal technology coming to Wyoming.

“I think that would be very good for Wyoming and the consumers. The product would be lighter to ship once it’s changed to a clean coal product. It would be good for Wyoming as well the consumer."

"Some officials here are representing private property owners and how the mineral industry affects their land."

"Private land owners concern when somebody is going to come and drill wells or mine for uranium or build roads. Put in pipe lines all of that is going to affect your property, your property values. How it might damage it, compensation you are going to get those are really critical issues to land owners and property owners in Wyoming."

Property owners are not the only ones in need of protection.

Jill Morrison told News 13, “The other issues are trying to speed up permuting and processing our concerns there might be it could cause more damage. To some land owners and to the environment, so were watching for those types of issues."

Making sure citizens and revenue are protected.

The meeting continues today, join us tonight for more.