State Fair Staff Take Suggestions for Future Improvements

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Wyoming state fair organizers took suggestions from citizens on bettering the annual event.

Locals say they want to see more agricultural events.
Wyoming State Fair organizers hold "Listening Sessions" around the state.

James Goodrich with the Wyoming State Fair says he wants to hear the public’s thoughts, concerns and ideas to improve the annual event.

"Learn what their priorities are for fair so that we can factor that in to our decision making about schedule costs and what we offer and potential sources of revenue."

The state fair budget took a hit in the last legislative session according to Goodrich and says that factors into their decision.

"If we have to reduce costs there’s a possibility we may have to look at reduce services in some ways and those services are not necessary on a daily basis. So if we can’t provide those services we can’t always remain open for the length of time."

Residents want to positively affect one of the biggest events hosted in Wyoming.

"Go down for the week, we take all of our livestock (and) we devote seven or eight days. It is monetarily it’s an expensive endeavor time wise its big investment with time too” says parent Heath Horneck.

Brock Burch a NCHS agriculture teacher says “the round robin showmanship idea that I had it’s a premier showmanship contest. It’s for youth that show one specie to compete in all livestock species."

Some residents didn’t want to go on camera but say they want to see more horse shows.

A vendor for the state fair says she would like to see stronger internet access because if a credit card doesn't swipe then she will lose sales and visitors might not return in the future.

If you missed one of the scheduled meetings you can submit a questionnaire by following the link posted to this web story.