Star Wars Fans Invade The 2018 Chili Cook-Off

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Star Wars mania invaded this year's chili cook off here in Casper.

Star Wars creatures of all kinds along with hundreds of chili lovers took part in this year's chili cook off.

The 26th annual event had a ‘Star Wars’ theme for 2018.

American Petroleum Institute members hosted the event.

"What the event actually is just a big fundraiser. So all the money that we get from the event, calcutta, chili cook off (and) from the raffles benefits over twenty different local charities in Casper” says the 2018 chili cook off co-chairman Ben Mills.

Forty five teams put out their best chili and got chances to compete for best chili titles.

Teams could win in three categories: green, red and people's choice.

"Today I am doing the green chili which I have done for 22 years. I have taken home seven trophies (and) I’m hoping to take eight (but) we'll see how that goes” says competitor Donna Martensen.

Competitor Candi Russ with ‘Dark Side of The Spoon’ says she brought her family’s classic dish for competition. "Well my green chili, my boys absolutely love and my step daughter she absolutely loves it and every year my son tell me "I want your green chili mom for Christmas' I’m like ok I can do that."

Star Wars fans even took time to dress as their favorite 'hyper speed' character.

Natasha Dritsoulas took on Princess Leia’s famous hairdo for the cook-off. "Ok so my hair is pretty long and I usually keep it in a bun or braid anyway. So when my friends told me they were going to do the chili cook off, I was like who doesn't like the chili cook off and they were like its Star Wars themed and I was like well then Princess Leia has to be."

Even Wyoming Senator John Barrasso participated in Saturday’s festivities. "I am a Star Wars fan and you're right they have people every year. It’s a different theme (and) Star Wars is a great theme for this year."

Some are battling old foes for the honor of chili master.

This year's first place winners:

Red Chili - First Interstate Bank

Green Chili - Fremont Motors

People’s Choice – NOV Wellbore Technologies