Stamp Out Hunger Imprinted on Casper for Decades

If you live in Natrona County more food is now available to you, all thanks to the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.

This weekend News 13 looked into the program to see how it helps the community.

Volunteers helped load bags and boxes Saturday with food donations.

Program Coordinator Rene Eberhart told News 13, “We've had a wonderful day. Carriers have been out on the street. We've had our volunteers out on the street helping pick up food, getting it back here to the food bank. The food bank has some great volunteers in here sorting.”

Over 150 volunteers gathered to help sort donations.

The event began in Casper in 1994, organizers said; while the early years were tough volunteers helped the program grow every year.

Dottie McCurdy commented, “The first year was terrible! But since then, every year it gets better. All we can say is thank you Casper; thank you to all the mail carriers that are helping out.”

The program helps benefit the Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies with all food donated going towards low income families.

Something organizers felt they are fortunate for, especially as summer approaches.

"We have such a boom and bust in Casper and a lot of times, it's just those families that get caught between the cracks, they need a place to go and the agencies fulfill that need."

The food drive runs through Friday, so far over 25,000 pounds of food have been donated.