Saint Anthony's Church has an Angel Tree for Kids in Need

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CASPER, Wyo. For the second year, Saint Anthony Church set up a tree decorated with angel ornaments.

Each angel has the age, gender, and gift ideas for the recipient.

"we get names of needy kids and put them on the tree and then invite the parishioners to come when they see the tree to take an angel with a name and purchase a gift to be given to the child on Christmas." Said Father Kevin Barrett, the Priest of Saint Anthony's.

This year organizers included adults with special needs.

Each recipient lives in the Casper area and was chosen by other organizations who help those in need.

"And asking for names if they had people who they knew would benefit from something like this and so we got a list of 114 names."

Without the donated gifts, recipients might not have a gift to open on Christmas morning.

"No I would be happy anybody who would like to try and bring joy to a needy child on Christmas would be were thrilled the more people that want to participate in that we would be very welcome to have them."

Some gifts have already been delivered, but there are still dozens of angels left on the tree waiting to be chosen to bring a gift to those who would appreciate it.

The church asks to bring the gifts to the office no later than December 14th.