Spring Weather Brings Out Pot Hole Maintenance

Warm weather means Riverton pothole repair crews are getting to work.

Almost all snow and ice has melted so crews look to patch any potholes that were created this winter.

The city of Riverton has a 60-thousand dollar road material budget. The pothole filler is included in this part of the budget.

Riverton's Public Works Director said one percent money is not used to repair potholes. It's only used for major road repairs and not general maintenance.

Crews have been out since last week searching for the worst areas needing to be fixed.

Kyle Butterfield, Riverton Public Works Director commented, “Freeze thaw of ice and snow gets into our roads and treats them bad so every spring we like to dedicate time to go out and patch potholes and take care of our road network so we've had our guys out there even last week looking for those spots."

Repair crews use a flamethrower-like torch to heat the existing asphalt so the patching material will stick more completely.

Federal Boulevard and Main Street are not maintained by Riverton crews, they are considered part of WYDOT highways.

Butterfield added if you have a problem area on your street, feel free to call the city and they will mark the area down to be fixed when possible.