Spring. Time to Hit the Pavement

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Welcome to Spring in Wyoming or as many call it ‘Construction Season’.

Today marks the first day of spring which means it's time for summer work crews to hit the streets.

City road crews hit the pavement filling in the many potholes around Casper. Not only filling in pot holes but filling in the cracks and working to do everything they can to get the streets back in shape following the cold winter.

City staff asks the public to be patient as they do their jobs.

When a road is closed, use an alternate route, this will also avoid getting black tar on your vehicle.

Shad Rodgers, City of Casper Traffic Manager shared, “Now that the snow and ice has pretty much depleted itself from the streets we are out there trying to fix potholes and get them all filled up before we start our road construction season."

"As of right now we started doing some pothole repairs around town since February I think second or so, and we have already filled five hundred plus potholes."

City crews encourage us to let them know when a street needs some extra attention and they are also on the lookout for damaged street or road signs so they can fix them too.