Spring Landscaping Tips to Grow a Glowing Green Yard

Birds chirping, blue skies and green grasses many are getting anxious to get outside and tend to their yards.

Today we spoke with one lawn service to learn the best practices for growing and maintaining a glowing green lawn.

One of the biggest questions many ask, when to fertilize?

Continuously throughout the year, according to landscape professionals. They also said the first treatment in spring is critical to bring the lawn out of dormancy.

From then on, they recommend a treatment every six weeks to keep the lawn an even color throughout the year.

Other tips included removing weeds, tackling troublesome insects and tree care.

What can you be doing now to ensure a green lawn in the coming months?

Owner of Tru-Green in Casper, Kevin Eberle said, "Now, if you’re not watering, you should be. Watering and mow it for the first time, you can mow it pretty short for the first time that gets a lot of the dead material that went dormant last fall out of there and it helps to green up quicker."

He added it is important to set realistic expectations about your yard, as one treatment is not going to turn it into a golf course.