Snow Plow Drivers Lives Matter; Drivers Ask for Courtesy While Out Plowing

Fremont County plow drivers are running into problems with other drivers while they work to clear the roads.

From around 4:00 am, plow drivers work hard to clear the streets of ice and snow.

However, they run into difficulties when drivers speed past them on both sides making it hard to complete the task.

This is dangerous for drivers and could cause damage to their vehicle, or cause an accident.

WYDOT officials are asking for drivers to be considerate when plow trucks are on the road.

Cody Beers at WYDOT shared, “We need people to be courteous around snow plows because these are huge pieces of equipment. The guys are out there trying to clear the snow off the road and the ice for you the driver and so we need drivers to allow these guys to do their jobs."

Plow drivers are on the roads from early morning hours, to late afternoons.

If you have questions about routes you can contact the Wyoming Department of Transportation directly.