Snow Piles in Cody

Cody – Huge piles of snow run down the center of many streets in Cody, more than a month after December snowstorms hit the area. City managers call them “Snow Medians”.
A drive down Big Horn Avenue reveals two things: bumpy ice ridges on the pavement, and huge piles of snow in the middle of the road. Some are as high as six feet tall. And, these snow medians are on major streets all over the city.
City Administrator Barry Cook says the last time Cody was hit was so much snow, with so much wind, was thirty years ago.
Cook explained, “So, it’s been a considerable amount of time since we’ve had this kind of intensity of amounts of snow, and then the wind, that have just drifted everything in.”
The city’s public works director said his crews, and practically every other available city worker have been clearing snow around the clock.
Steve Payne said, “We utilized all the street personnel, we utilized all the water personnel, we used the wastewater personnel, we used the electric personnel. And, we used the Park’s personnel.”
But, they couldn’t keep up. Another blizzard dropped more than six inches on city streets last week.
Payne explained, “We did get Greybull Hill cleaned up, all of Sheridan Avenue cleaned up, we got all of 8th Street cleaned up and we were making headway on the west strip and out on Big Horn when we got another dumping.”
Even though the weather was still freezing, with a high of 19 degrees, the sunny weather Monday allowed the industrial blower, dump trucks, and backhoe to make some headway on one main street.
Canyon Avenue was shut down completely for snow removal. Payne said his crews concentrated on the heavily used street, and streets around schools since it was a holiday.
Wyoming’s cities and counties got less income from the state last year than in years past. But, Cook said city managers did not cut back on snow removal…
He remared, “…if anything I believed we increased it. And the dollars required to cover that cost will have to come out of our restricted reserve of the general fund, or our savings account.”
Payne said Cody had to hire contractors to help haul away the snow. He says it has already cost Cody $30,000, and will probably cost another $18,000 more by the time the snow from December is cleared.