Small Police Stations Face Issues Finding New Officers

GLENROCK, Wyo. Police stations across the country struggle to recruit new officers.

Problems include negative national attention and the number of applicants.

For smaller stations, the issues go beyond applications.

"We don't have anything as far as a local pool to choose from as far as applicants go, we don't have that." Explains Sgt. Jason Hoppa of the Glenrock Police Department. "Whereas a larger city would have a larger pool to choose from with applicants. We don't have that base to go off of."

Location isn't the only concern for potential recruiters.

With tight budgets, departments want to find ways to select the best candidates while still saving money.

"As a small agency, in order to take somebody who is not already certified, we have to invest a lot of financials into them to get them certified and trained so they can be out on their own."

Some departments will rely on providing incentive bonuses in order to increase the number of potential applicants.