Small Children and Thanksgiving

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Cooking a turkey, the smell of stuffing, and the sound of kids running around the house during their thanksgiving break.
Thanksgiving can be full of family fun but what do you do with your young children who might be a distraction while making that delicious dinner?
A general safety rule is keeping children three feet away from hot surfaces while cooking and never leaving them alone in the kitchen.
If your children have toys, keep the floor clear so you don't trip with any hot items.
"A great distraction would be a lot of the different activities that we do down here at the boys and girls club form slime making to doing Papier Mache to doing all kinds of science experiments as well as there's a lot of educational website out there.” - Brian Mccarthy, Branch Director Of B&G Club
The holidays can be a fun time of year to allow kids to help out in the kitchen; just remember to do it in a safe way.