'Slicing' Up the Icy Roads

Icy, snowy roads continue to pose a danger to Casper drivers.

Casper city staff told News 13 they are working hard to clear the roadways of the ice and snow.

Casper public services staff remains in contact with police making sure roads are safe.

Staff will accomplish this by using, “ice slicer,” instead of salt.

Beth Andress with Keep Casper Beautiful commented, “We are in constant contact with the Casper Police Department. They will call us or radio us if they see that an intersection could use more ice slicer and if people feel that a certain intersection needs some they can always call and we will put it on our list to be looked at and salted again."

Andress said city staff rarely use sand and only on new concrete.

The ice slicer dissolves in water and doesn't cause a buildup in storm drains as sand would, according to staff.

She added the amount of ice slicer put down depends on snow storms and said over 90-tons of ice slicer was laid out during this past snow.