Simple Acts Show Her Care

Some say her presence causes a ripple effect.

When she is kind to you it touches your whole family and everyone that loves each person.

She's one of our Jefferson Award nominees, nominated by someone who feels she is making a great difference within our community.

"Has a special way of making everyone feel like they're the only one in the room."

“I wouldn't be surprised all to see her up in the same balcony as the pope."


“I can’t words don’t describe it.”

What others can’t

She is…

“I’m Martha Wallace.”

She's volunteered at shepherd of the valley for 26 years.

"Absolutely love what I do.”

Including baking and gardening....

“She volunteers in the dining room like daily.”

“Helps with their mending of their clothes, purchases things for them if they need them”

“Her time is everybody elses."

For her…

“It’s just something I’ve done all my life.”

“You don’t see this everyday where somebody takes the time out of their day to volunteer," said Monet Hixson.

"Without Martha we'd all be worse off."

"We can't imagine being without Martha."

Sandra Setty worked with Martha at shepherd before moving to mountain plaza assisted living.

“And then she followed me over here."

helping with bingo, socials and parties.

"Just any activity that was going on, Martha was present for."

While volunteering at mountain plaza...

“Karen and I became good friends."

Martha's husband and Karen’s mother lived there.

"Martha, to me, is like a ray of light coming through dark clouds. It was a very sad time when my mom had dementia," said Karen Killion.

Simple acts show her care.

"I remember one time she gave me a hug when I really needed it and I will remember that moment the rest of my life."

Killion says without Martha life would have been much darker.

"And I’m would be pretty much like this when I went in, you know, because everybody suffers and we all go in with a happy face and just try to be cheery but there'd be moments where Martha could see through that."

Despite her mother's death over one year ago, their friendship continues.

"This wonderful friendship sprang out of something that had a dark beginning."

Her and her mother's life....

"Was greatly improved just by knowing Martha Wallace"

Killion says despite Martha sharing her time with so many people in many different places, she stays close with her family, including her two sons and grandchildren… the center of her universe.