Shuttle Service Offered to Casper Veterans

For some disabled veterans, getting around town to the doctors, dentist therapy or other appointments can be a struggle, but with help from RSVP the 'Retired Senior Volunteer Program' veterans are getting the help they need.

Tuesday News 13 spoke with a veteran volunteer who is willing and ready to chauffeur other servicemen and women around town.

RSVP Volunteer Dick Rintameki shared, “It's kind of a pay it forward, I’m retired, been retired for, oh about twelve years and it just feels very comforting to lend a hand."

One disabled veteran using the service, Gerald Hardesty, talked about the program, “They have dropped me around quite a few places, like the eye doctor or the foot doctor, or whatever, I just give them a call."

The transportation program just started, but veterans are encouraged to contact RSVP ahead of time before their appointments to schedule a ride.