Shoshone Business Park Takes One Step Closer to Becoming a Reality

Shoshone Tribal members are moving closer to an economic development plan on the Wind River reservation.

News 13's Raven Ford spoke with Shoshone Council members about their new plans.

Council chairman Clint D. Wagon said they're anxious about moving forward with their new Eastern Shoshone Business Park.

“We came along way which has been about just two years in this from when we first purchased a property.”

Realtor Dave Kellner commented, “We’re definitely looking forward to seeing this take shape and it’s going to take many years for the full project to take place but were supper excited to be involved with it and be partnered with Eastern Shoshone tribe and the developer.”

In a preliminary drawing it shows the project will include over 300 acres for retail shops, business offices and even residential buildings.

It is great, “Especially along federal gong north, where most Riverton businesses reside.”

“As of right now the city just approved the planned unit development zoning which allows for that mixed use type of development on the property so spring the screens are going to start the infrastructure water still worried that kind of thing and hopefully by fall of this year there will be some developments taking place.”

Wagon added this will help improve the reservation infrastructure.

“The whole goal of this was to diversify our own economy and it may not be heading for Washakie, but we have a place that we know these businesses will bring this money back here, so we can do some of our own infrastructure development.”

But it's not just a benefit for their community.

“I think that the location we have is one of the locations that I think you know we’ve been excited about you know it just is one of those properties that we know moving forward this is the way that you know will not only help the chai the tribe but she’s some of the things we been looking at but also you know that goes for us the city of Riverton.”

Retail space construction will begin first, then the office and living spaces will get built later down the road.

Shoshone council members said they hope to attract new businesses to fill the space once construction is done.