Shop With A Cop

Police officers spent Saturday morning helping guests shop early for their Christmas presents.

It's part of the "Shop with a Cop" program, which has been a tradition in Casper every holiday season.

It's hosted every year to help families who can't afford presents for their kids.

The tradition of helping others during the holidays is alive and well in Casper.

The annual "Shop with a Cop" program brought on many smiling faces.

"Cooperative effort with Walmart to identify those families here in Natrona county who may be have children who might no have the best Christmas," said Sgt. Scott Jones from the Casper Police Department.

Kids got to pick out their favorite gifts while family members tagged along.

Families didn't spend much themselves since costs were covered by donated gift cards from Walmart and other donors.

The true meaning of "Shop with a Cop" is still being felt.

Without cops volunteering their time, Christmas morning would be uncertain for one family of four.

"For my kids and me because then they won't have Christmas if i didn't do it," said Holley Curtis.

Sgt. Jones said being a part of this event means a lot to him.

"When you have a child who you take and say hey you can pick out a gift for yourself and they turn around and say no i want to get something for mom and dad. i want to get something for little brother or sister. that means a lot to us," said Sgt. Jones.

And with just a few gifts, many families Christmas' were saved.

Around 250 kids participated this year.

"Shop with a Cop" wrapped up on Sunday at the East Side Walmart.