Shooting Off the Holiday Tension at Newest Gun Range

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As we see temperatures drop, and continue to drop, more of us are seeking indoor activities.

News 13 stopped by Casper's only indoor shooting range to see how they are handling the welcoming crowds.

Cold weather limits outdoor activities; so many Wyomingites are excited for an indoor range.

Lucky for us, Casper is home to an indoor shooting range, now that Wyoming Gun Company is up and running.

Owners told News 13, safety is their top priority.

Owner Jeremy Scribner commented, “How we want guests to take hand guns or rifles out to the range is leave it in case or holster until they reach the shooting stall."

They have four safety rules of shooting in the range.

Assume all guns are always loaded, avoid pointing weapons at anything you don't want to hurt and according to firearms instructor Crystal MacGuire, “Your toes, or your friend's toes. Like you have water hose in your hand, you don't want to squirt your feet with it."

Also, keep your finger off the trigger until you're ready to shoot and clarify your target.

"You want have a nice, balanced stance. And we want to be relaxed; we also want to be in a stance that we're not easily going to get knocked over. We always say like when you're ready to get in a fight, or you want to have an aggressive stance."

"The next thing we teach our students is going to be how to properly hold the gun. Where you have even pressure on the sides, you're not going to be riding the rail, you're going to have the thumbs forward, and always have your finger off the trigger."

She said, relax your breathing and take a shot at Casper’s first indoor shooting range.

Ten is the minimum age to shoot and 21 to buy a gun.