Sheriff Scam

Cody - A man pretending to be a sheriff’s deputy is part of a new phone scam targeting people all over Wyoming. The caller gives claims the name of an actual deputy who works for the sheriff in Park, Sheridan, and Weston Counties.
When your phone rings, and the caller claims to be a lawman who wants money, beware. It’s probably someone breaking the law by trying to scam you.
A press release from the Park County Sheriff’s office says the caller has a heavy southern accent, is telling the victim to get a pre-paid credit card and call him back. A press release from the Sheridan County Sheriff’s office gives the same scammer description.
In both cases, the caller reportedly uses the name of a deputy who actually works for the sheriff. Neither of the actual deputies are involved…
Park County Sheriff’s Spokesman Lance Mathess said, “… by using the officers name, it basically encourages them and lends authenticity to the scam.”
Many scams target older people, but this one is hitting every age group. Mathess said the Cody area victim was in her thirties.
“This scam has to do with courts and fines, and you don’t even have to owe a fine.”
Mathess said the Park County victim was told, “…they were negligent in reporting for federal jury duty, and they owed a $250 fine.”
The Sheridan Sheriff’s Office press release reports several people there have also gotten the call, with the scammer claiming they have an active warrant.
Matthess said Weston County in Eastern Wyoming has also been hit by the scam.
Matthess said, “I can assure you that we’re unaware that you that we’re unaware of any city, county state, or federal agency that would require you to pay a fine over the phone.”
Matthess said if you get the call, take down the number, hang up, and call the real police or sheriff’s office. Matthess added you should never give credit card information over the phone when someone calls and asks you for it.