New Details Emerge in Sheridan Murder Investigation.

A man appeared in a Sheridan Court, his charge: murder from earlier this month.

Christopher Labuy waived his preliminary hearing this Wednesday morning.

Labuy faces second-degree murder charges which carries a sentence of 20 years to life in prison.

Police said he was arrested earlier this month after shooting, Eric Kaylor in the head at his apartment in the 14-hundred block of Main Street.

According to an affidavit, Kaylor had insulted Labuy the night of January 10th leading to a fight.

In reports, Labuy said Kaylor later pulled out a gun, waved it at him he would kill Labuy.

When Labuy used the bathroom moments later, he said Kaylor pointed the gun at his head.

Labuy then unzipped his jacket and pulled out a handgun from a holster and shot Kaylor in the head.

Labuy said he and Kaylor were drinking that night and he had been staying several nights at Kaylor's apartment.

Police later discovered Labuy had a blood alcohol level of 0.30%.

Labuy's arraignment date hasn't been determined.