Sheridan Gains 12 Million Dollar BRC Grant for Mystery Project

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A new grant is paving the way to move a company's headquarters, to Sheridan.

Business Ready Community members recently gave over 12 million dollars to the Sheridan Economic and Educational Development Authority Board (SEEDA).

The money will help construct a building for, “Project Enterprise,” a working name for an unnamed company's operations.

We traveled to Sheridan to check out the proposed site for “Project Enterprise”.

The lot encompasses nearly 100-thousand square feet and is located at Sheridan’s high tech business park near Interstate 90.

Sheridan Mayor Roger Miller, “We're super excited to have a company like this move to our area. It's great for the state of Wyoming, for the economic impact it will hopefully draw to the area."

After visiting several sites in Idaho and surrounding states, so-called "Project Enterprise" managers were clear about their decision.

"They decided that they loved Wyoming and they loved the community of Sheridan."

Projections show the project's cost reaches nearly 15 million dollars.
SEEDA members already matched the remaining three million along with their new 12 million dollar grant.

The business is expected to generate more than seven million dollars in state and local taxes over a twenty-year period.

"For us to get a win of 20 to 50 jobs is a very big thing for our community. The economic benefits to the stat and our community will be substantial."

Sheridan County Chamber members also said the new Interstate 90 interchange will also add to Sheridan’s growth.

Dixie Johnson CEO of the chamber commented, “All of the redevelopment that's been happening out there is really, really exciting to see for our community."

"We’re super excited to see this continue to move forward."

The SEEDA grant makes this project move one step closer to starting; however city officials still need the State Land Investment Board members’ approval before they can start building.

The company's specific identity and industry have not been identified.

It remains confidential so it won't cause a workforce disruption with its relocation.