Sheridan County Sheriff's Get New Lights to Alert Drivers

New LED lights will aid Sheridan County Sheriff's deputies in handling traffic stops and provide them with some ease while speaking with drivers.

The sheriff recently bought fifteen new sets of LED lights for their fleet trucks.

The trucks are now equipped with three levels of LED lighting so drivers are alerted during traffic stops.

The sheriff says it makes things much simpler.

Sheridan County Sheriff Allen Thompson commented, “We tested those out from '15 to '17 and realized that they were working a lot better than the old light bars that we had, and the best cost effective way to implement that better lighting was to just change over our vehicles."

Sheriff Thompson added in the past, drivers had had a tough time noticing deputies’ cars bar lighting during traffic stops.

They purchased two of these newer light sets back in 2015 and then bought a full set in late 2017.