Sheridan College Students Bounce Back After Racial Comments Thrown Their Way

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Two college students fight back in a positive way after racial comments were written on their dorm room doors.

News 13’s Raven Ford spoke with the Sheridan students about their experience.

After shopping with friends, Braylee Armajo and Whisper Sunrhodes returned home to racial statements on their white board.

“I didn't feel safe at all and I just wanted to go home after that,” shared Whisper Sunrhodes, a Sheridan College student.

"I said well what did it say. She said I can’t tell you."

Hurt and upset, Sunrhodes sent her mom a picture through text.

Lynelle Shakespeare, mother of Whisper Sunrhodes told News 13, “I wanted to just pick her up and leave you know to heck with this, you know I don't want Whisper there if this person still want to be there because this person already hates my daughter for the color of her skin.”

Shakespeare and her daughter stayed at a motel for a few days when they were notified someone wrote another racial comment.

This time it was directed to her roommate.

"I felt like it was pointing towards me too because were both Native Americans and we both stick together.”

"Is it going to be safe for her to be here? Is he going to be terrorizing her from now on once you guys find out who he is or her? I needed to know because this person wrote on their door. Both of them,” said Shakespeare.

Braylee Armijo and Whisper Sunrhodes did not run from the racial hate on campus, but instead the two young natives took a stand, a stand reminding everyone that All Lives Matter.

Over 100 people came out to celebrate and show support for the two girls after the incident.

"It made me feel good especially not only me but my fellow Native American students, that's why we stayed because we have all the support and it's hard leaving the reservation to go to school so when I’m not going to let anybody chase us off.”

Although her daughter moved to a better place on campus, Shakespear still questions the hostility demonstrated.

“Why? Why do you hate my daughter you don't even know her why do you why do you not like people with dark skin what do we do to you?"

The parents of the students have spoken and wish for the person behind the comments to be expelled for the safety of all on campus.

Officers are still searching for the campus violator.

Due to lack of cameras on the campus, college officials have low hopes in finding the person responsible.