Sheltering Stray Animals in Frigid Temperatures

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Friday afternoon was almost a surprise in weather conditions from what we have been used to.

Now that we've crossed into the winter solstice, we along with our furry friends will be at the mercy of the weather.

"Just by walking on the surface, their feet burn with the frostbite,” says Altitude Hospital veterinarian Richard Schwahn.

Schwan says a cat was brought to his practice with the tip of the tail and back left foot frostbitten.

An amputation had to take place.

He mentioned the cat is doing much better now, but hopes no other animal has to endure that.

"If you see some stray animal, give metro a call. The vet practices are not animal control, so the best place to call is metro animal services."

"We have an officer on until eight o'clock at night, so if anything happens from that time they're welcome to contact us and we'd be glad to come help them with it," kennel technician Justine Tuma says.

Tuma says bringing the animal yourself is an option, or you can wait for a responder.

When around a stray animal just be careful.

With winter fully making its way into Casper, the checklist for just starting the car can be extensive.
One more item you should add to the list though before turning the engine over is to just tap around on your vehicle's wheels to make sure there are no small animals underneath the surfaces.