Sharing the Road: Bicyclists and Drivers

If you or your kids ride bikes on the streets often, there are some safety tips you should know to prevent serious or even fatal accidents.

Casper Police say they have seen pedestrians and cyclists injured due to people turning right on red lights.

We spoke with Casper Police Detective John Hatcher who shared, “I was driving around town every day and I see people that will actually go into a crosswalk and not think about it, may have a shock look on their face and so is the pedestrian."

So when you want to turn right on a red light, make sure you look both ways.

"It's just like we tell people when you cross a road you need to look left, right, left again, you need to do the same when you're taking a turn on a red light."

Look left for traffic and look right for pedestrians and cyclists.

If you are a cyclist, you want to avoid drivers who aren't paying attention and be proactive about your safety.

Tyler Patik Zeelo's Bikes Manager told News 13’s Frances Lin,
“Wearing helmets, wearing visible clothing, lights on the bike, to make themselves more visible."

He added, be sure to use hand signals when you want to turn.

If you want to bike on the road without a bike lane, you are considered a vehicle.

"Cyclists should follow the laws just like cars need to."

You can bike on the sidewalk, but remember that pedestrians have the right of way.

You're not required by law to wear a helmet but when police respond to bicycle versus car accidents, people who aren't wearing helmets have more serious injuries than those who do.

When you're cycling also remember to check behind you and get mirrors on your bike if it helps.