Seymour Thickman, Wyoming's Longtime Physician

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You can learn a lot about someone over coffee and some breakfast.

There’s a lot to learn about Sheridan’s Seymour Thickman.

He’s a man of medicine, military experience, and has an immense passion for giving back to the community.

"Medicine has been with me for a long time, and it's provided me the entrée into this community."

A community he discovered 64 years ago with a genuine characteristic he knew was hard to abandon.

"You began to feel part of an extended family," Thickman added.

Thickman's family roots stretch back to The Empire State, specifically the borough of Brooklyn.

A city of about seven million people in the 1920s, it was difficult to make a large impact until he discovered Sheridan and its people.

If you walk around Sheridan, you’re bound to run into someone that knows him well such as Hayley Rougeau.

"[He] and my grandfather were two of the founding board members for the Sheridan County YMCA. Sy is actually the last living board member, and he was our family physician at our ranch,” Hayley said.

Thickman also volunteered to drive to the women's penitentiary in Lusk, and put his medical skills to use.

On top of that he put in 100 hours a week in private practice while volunteering in the community.

A New York mentality that seldom slows down, he recollected that he never took a day off.

Sheridan residents can attest to that statement.

"He still cares about people who were his patients,” resident Esther McKENZIE said.

During my breakfast with Mr. Thickman, an elderly couple approached to introduce themselves.

Long ago Mr. Thickman came to their apartment and worked with their neighbor.

Those encounters still amaze him, but it is not much of a surprise when understanding what he values.

A well-known Thickman motto, “The best job I’ve ever had is always the job I’m doing when I’m doing it.”