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"I know that we've seen them as low as 11 and 12 years old", Sgt. Aaron Shatto, with Natrona County Sheriff’s office.
Sexting it's the act of sending or receiving sexual explicit messages through a cell phone, not only are kids doing it at a young age, the trend is growing.
"The students we spoke within the last year said that she felt that 80% of the students she knew were actually sexting", Shatto said.
As technology grows, so do the possible dangers when kids misuse it.
"Photographs taken with cell phones are not simply photographs they contain data attached to them which may contain information such as time, date, and even GPS location of where the photograph was taken", Shatto said.
This gives hackers the ability to access the location and even the cell phone owner's name; the photos never really go away.
"The sender may think the photograph in the case of snapchat is deleted after a certain time frame, this however is false information", Shatto said.
Casper police say once a child sends a pic or video through an app that app then owns it. Some apps kids are sharing their explicit photos on are: "Kik", "Snapchat", "Instagram"...and "Tumblr".
"We urge parents of middle school and high school students to begin a conversation with their children concerning the repercussions and dangers associated with sexting", Shatto said.
Police say parents should know their child's cellphone passwords as well.
If you find an explicit photo of a child police urge you to report it.
Under state statute, if a person shares a graphic photo of a person under 18, that person can face up to 10 years of imprisonment and $10,000 in fines. If that person is convicted, they could also be registered as a sex offender.