'Sensitive Santa' Makes Big Stop in Casper

For many Christmas is the most magical time of year and Santa is the man behind the magic and one Santa wants to make sure everyone can feel the holiday cheer.

Dozens of children skipped the mall visit and opted to spend some one on one time 'Sensitive Santa' on Sunday to tell him what they want for Christmas.

Sensitive Santa is for children who have ADHD, autism or sensory challenges.

Any child was welcomed for a sit down, although he primarily sees kids who prefer a quieter environment with Saint Nick.

Jerica McCoy shared what she hopes to get for Christmas, “One thing that I would love the most is to get to see Santa in person. That would be the best!"

McCoy said she wants an I-pad for Christmas among other items on her list.

This was Sensitive Santa's only stop in Casper this season.

Organizers said if you missed him, he will return next year.

Reports show Santa left his reindeer who can be a little rambunctious back at the North Pole for this particular event.