Cody Kids Making 'Dogs' for Dogs and Cats

Seniors in Cody decided to pay it forward, by raising money for homeless animals.

This time of year, this animal shelter in Northwest Wyoming is filled to overflowing, with homeless cats, kittens and dogs.

Park County Shelter Manager Brittany Vaughn remarked, “We have ten dogs and about 80 cats at the shelter right now, which is almost 20 cats over capacity. But we are a no kill shelter, so they’ll stay with us until they find their forever home.”

The shelter is consistently overcrowded, so the board members are working to acquire the land it sits on from the Yellowstone Regional Airport, and do a two million dollar rehab.

Vaughn explained, “We’re working on an expansion, and major renovation and remodel. Hopefully in a couple of years we’ll have a brand new shelter for the animals of Park County.”

So, Vaughn welcomed the opportunity for these dogs to help a hound she brought to the assisted living fundraiser, and others.

When they gave him part of the hot dog, the hound named Copper thought it was all about immediate gratification.

But, the Assisted Living fundraising cook-out was meant to help all the shelter animals for the long term.

The Executive Director of the Absaroka Brooksdate Assisted Living Community said, “We have a lot of pet therapy that goes on in the building. We are a pet friendly building. We have two residents with dogs and two residents with cats, so animals are kinda near and dear to our hearts, and to our residents”

People came from throughout the community to eat some dogs for the dogs and cats.

One talked about her shelter rescues: “Two min-pins, and I got them at the shelter”

The late summer events was one of a growing number of fundraisers for the Park County Animal Shelter.

Vaughn remarked, “I think the stigma around shelter animals has definitely changed, and around rescue animals has changed a lot in the last couple of years. People are realizing that they not only come with pasts, but they come with really good habits.”

Shelter managers are holding an ice cream social at Cody’s Beck Lake Park in September to thank supporters of the Park County Animal Shelter.