Senators Pass Equal Wage Bill

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. Equal pay law violators could now face fines of 500 dollars and six months in jail.

They currently only face fines between 25 and 200 dollars.

“This bill actually just goes into statute where we already have penalties in place for unfair employment practices with regard to wage and equalizes the penalties under statute with other wage violations. So it’s not a particularly aggressive statute.” Said Senator Chris Rothfuss.

The goal, however, is not to raise money through fines.

“The penalties are rarely assessed but they’re a tool in getting compliance. And that’s what you’re interested in getting people to comply with the law.” Explained Senator Charles Scott.

However, despite lawmakers passing this bill, Rothfuss feels we need to do a lot more to address Wyoming’s wage gap

"There were other proposals that have not passed the legislature. Some have failed in the House, and some of them have failed in the Senate, in committee, that would have gone much further."

He said the issue is vital to our future.

“It can make thousands of dollars per year difference for the family, and over a career, hundreds of thousands of dollars difference.”

Failed proposals include a bill requiring equal pay in state agencies.