Senator Hutchings Denies Claims of Comparing Homosexuality to Bestiality and Pedophilia

This comes after Democratic officials called for her resignation.

In a statement released by Hutchings Tuesday, she said she was called out of chambers by a group of students asking about house bill 230 which would add sexual orientation and gender identity to state law.

She said she asked them for rhetorical questions that were intended to highlight the vagueness of sexual orientation.

She said her attempts at meaningful dialogue on the issue did not come across as intended.

Despite this, Wyoming Democratic Party Chairman Joe Barbuto is demanding she resigns.

"These comments are wrong, her judgment was poor and as a result, she just can't serve effectively in that position. She should step down and let someone fulfill the seat, who can." He said in a statement.

Hutchings claims some demanding an apology, respect, and tolerance have "assaulted her with racial slurs, character assassination, profanity, and threats."

State Senate leaders said they will work to vet and address complaints filed against members.

They say both senator Hutchings and the students deserve fair consideration and respect as they address the matter.