Selling Coupon Stockpiles = Illegal?

You may see items offered for sale on social media. They could be lotions or detergent.

As News 13's Tyler Waggenspack tells us when a consumer uses coupons to buy groceries, then resells them at home, experts say it's illegal.

"You have to be very careful."

Coupons can help with budgeting, but buying items and reselling them as "stockpiles" can be illegal.

"There's potential legal ramifications with doing this," said Detective John Hatcher with Casper Police.

According to reselling stockpiles violates terms that manufacturers create themselves.

It could lead to civil lawsuits.

"I believe everyone manufactures coupons prohibits the use of coupons purely for the intention of buying for resale," said Bud Miller from the Coupon Information Corporation.

Another problem is health code violations. Stock items lose their value sitting on shelves for extended periods of time.

Miller warns people in this case.

"They have to be very careful. You don't get those safeguards from somebody who's storing product in their basement or their garage or reselling it at a flea market."

Coupon decoding also remains a problem where counterfeit coupons are used for purchases, and those items get resold.

"Using counterfeit coupons or coupon decoding, you can definitely get into some very illegal activity that have some substantial penalties."

Casper Police say there are no known cases of stockpiling or coupon
decoding at this this time.

News 13 also spoke with one manufacturer who says they personally give consumers coupon at their requests, preventing possible fraud.