Seconds on First Closing After 16 Years

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For 16 years ‘Seconds on First’ has provided a thrifting option for shoppers.

But the store will soon close.

News 13 spoke with the owner and customers about the memories the store brought to our community.

New adventures led to Seconds on First Street's creation.

Owner Victoria Lockard shared, “I came back to take care of my mother and wanted to find another business to go into other than mortgage, so I thought there are no consignment stores in Casper so maybe I’ll try that."

Many doubted the decision.

"Everyone seemed to go it'll never work, it'll never work, so all the more reason why I ended up doing this business."

After 16-years, the time has come for change, but many won't forget the four legged friends Lauren and Boggie who worked there every day.

"They love the people that come in and they are more than happy to greet them when they come in."

Many memories made between the four walls.

Rebecca Fountain told News 13, “My mom is a big antique hound, so I can honestly say that when I was younger she brought me in here and at first I was like, ah no biggie and then okay, I’m a little bit older and I like the same antiques."

Staff said they care more about establishing relationships with their customers than making sales.

For many of us it’s sad to hear of a local business closing.

Customer Marty Backs commented, “I wanted the local owners to know that the community needs to support them and keep buying locally."

Lockard said, “When you love your job, it never feels like you are working.”

She continued, "My final days are bitter sweet. I love the business, I loved all my people and it's going to be tough for me to walk away.

Her favorite part of the job was interacting with her customers.

Victoria wants us to remember the memories created at the store after it closes on February 13th.