Sculpting Resumes; Checking References; Eagles Prep for the Future

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Right after Spring Break the eighth graders at Centennial Junior High School got right to work gaining some hands-on experience applying for future careers.

Resumes, applications and the frightening job interviews, the kids stepped up to the plate.

Sixteen community volunteers, including a Casper Fire-fighter, a health and safety manager and Centennial Principal Mike Britt sat as the interviewers.

The students practiced naming community references, selling themselves and focusing on eye contact and firm handshakes.

They were able to self-reflect and consider the tools they bring to the table and how to land a job in the real world.

Teacher Angela Cavalier commented, "It's awesome to see the community and the public how generous they have been with their time and donations, for the kids. So they are excited about it because they are going to know that the kids coming from centennial have these skills, they are ready to work in the workforce."

The mock interviews continue Tuesday as the kids continue to sculpt their resumes and secure future references.