School Official's Response on Caitlin Jonckers Bullying

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CASPER, Wyo. October second, Caitlin Jonkers says she was bullied on the bus, and then assaulted off the bus, by girls from another school. She has yet to return to school after being injured during the assault. The Natrona county school officials investigated this incident and split it into two separate issues.
Echols associate superintendent
"there’s two parts is how i would describe it, we had absolute um incident on the bus that has been substantiated by investigators and administrators in the district as bullying."
The second incident occurred as the girls got off the bus.
Caitlin Jonckers
"i got off the bus and i waited for them to confront them to tell them to stop and to leave me alone. Um and then they began taunting me saying your not going to do anything about it, you cant do anything about it."
Because Caitlin confronted them, the people who viewed the recording of the incident, decided to punish all students involved.
"we also found that to be substantiated, that it was a mutual fight between parties and so both parties are consequences as aligned with policy and regulation."
The associate superintendent won't release a copy of the video to either Caitlins mother or news 13 .
"at this time i don't have legal ruling to release the video as we've described for the purposes of protecting and keeping in confidence those other students that uh were just on the bus at the time when it occurred."
Amber, Caitlins mother, wants to be able to show what happened, and let the public have a better understanding of the incident. Arianna Martinez news 13 Casper.