School Safety Conference

Educators and security experts address school safety, and gaps preventing school officials from maximizing campus security.

The School Safety Conference kicks off with educators and guest speakers sharing their school safety knowledge.

"We have incidents all happening all the time. What can we do to reduce the risks of incidents like that happening again?" said Paul Timm, from Facility Engineering Associates.

Paul Timm, a security expert, spoke about collaboration, involvement, and emergency preps for any school threats.

However, he says the biggest problem facing many school officials is apathy.

"We have people who are used to it being a certain way and they don't want to really see the addition of security measures or practices.”

"We don't take things seriously as we ought to take it so that's why we really encourage schools to have a plan," said Brian Farmer from the Wyoming School Board Association.

Educators also say speaking out when seeing something odd, helps reduce chances for school violence.

Gun threats and school shootings remain the biggest concern.

"It starts with the individual safety, their well-being as an individual to their collective well-being, so that safety of the security that might involve a serious incident."

Alissa Parker who lost a daughter in the sandy hook shooting, hopes her voice can reach others when addressing security.

"I hope to inspire them, that safety is absolutely achievable and that there's ways a parent like me can make a difference," said Alissa Parker.

And educators say today's conference provided great opportunities for the community.

"It's an opportunity for stakeholders in the school community as well as law enforcement community.'

Educators say older school facilities, and budgeting also factor in when upgrading school security.