School Is In in Fremont County; New Changes to Lunch Program

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Fremont County schools are now back in session.

Parents need to know some of the changes coming to the Riverton School District and some of the goals the new student body president has in mind to keep everyone engaged in school.

The first change you may notice this year at Riverton Schools is a slight increase in price for school meals.

Terry Snyder Superintendent School District #25, “For this year we did increase our breakfast and hot lunch program prices, about ten cents on breakfast and about thirty cents on lunch, we go in the hole every year with our hot lunch program and we just needed a little bit of help to help out with that budget just a little bit.”

Principal John Griffith at Riverton High School, “You know it’s a relatively minor change, I know we hate to pass that burden on to families but in order to stay in the black sometimes we have to do those things.”

Budget cuts relieved some staff members last year; Snyder doesn’t expect that to affect school programs.

“With our reduction in force last year we had some programs that were affected, but programs were not eliminated, so we still believe we have opportunities for our kids, minimal impact on our students and that was possible last year, if we have another cut like that this year, we probably won’t be able to make that same statement.”

There’s also a new plan to keep better track of kids when they’re heading to or from school using the bus.

“We’ve implemented a card program for getting on and off the buses so we know where they are and when they got off.”

Riverton’s student body president says his goals this year are to continue with community service projects like food drives, picking up trash around town as well as increasing school spirit for sports events.

Student body president Nic Fenton shared, “High school is such a big part, even if it’s a small part, it’s a big part of your life and I feel like if you don’t get involved you’ll look back and be like meh, I didn’t really like it so if you go to sporting events or extra-curricular events, I feel like you’ll remember it more in a positive way than just a negative.”

Last year, Riverton won its first ever championship in boys basketball.

Snyder also mentioned an emphasis on evolving and continuing early learning programs for the district.