Hazing at Schools Continues to be a Problem Across the State

In less than a month, a second hazing incident has surfaced involving Fremont County students and hazing.

News 13’s Raven Ford spoke with a Shoshoni High School student's family to learn more about the recent incident.

“It’s a horrible situation we’re in right now, said Karen Rieman who said her granddaughter, a Shoshoni High School sophomore was a hazing victim.

She continued, “Well in the beginning it was just a misunderstanding over two friends.”

She added the conflict between the two girls escalated when more students got involved.

“This was happening on sports trips, it was at school and this person my granddaughter was being ostracized.”

Rieman was unaware of what her granddaughter was going through.
That is, until she took her granddaughter’s cell phone when her grades began to drop.

“In the process, found out a whole lot more than any parent would ever want to know.”

The family has contacted police, but wish there was more they could do.

“They looked on their server to see if this thing was there,” but they didn’t find anything she said.

The student’s mother, Justina Rieman told News 13, "It’s been pretty emotional. I hate that my daughter is going through this and feels extremely alone about it.”

Justina Rieman said she understands what her daughter is going through.

“I mean I know how it feels to be bullied but not to anywhere near this extent it’s been pretty heartbreaking. It’s gotten to the point where she’s even had suicidal ideations and wanted to take her life which completely breaks my heart.”

She said her daughter wasn't always this way.

"Beforehand she absolutely love life absolutely love school had straight A’s."

The superintendent said they have strict bullying policies and are investigating the incident.

Superintendent Bruce Thoren told News 13, “Our school district takes bullying harassment very seriously we’ve got policies in place we have in our student handbook and talks to billing as well as having policy in the handbook as far as what bullying is what it isn’t.”

Thoren added they will work to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

The family hopes for a resolution, but say they may pull the student from the school for safety reasons.