School Bells Rings One Last Time for Four NCSD Schools

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Four Natrona County schools are now closed.

University Park, Willard, Mountain View, and Frontier Middle had their last day of classes today Thursday.

This comes after a decision handed down by school leaders earlier this year.

The school bell rang one last time for a few Natrona County schools.

"Emotions are really high across the board."

And some couldn't help but shed a tear or two and also pass around hugs.

"The teachers were great,” said Janelle Tice, a University Park fourth grader.

University Park, Mountain View, Willard, and Frontier Middle Schools are all shutting down.

The decision comes from earlier this year, when school board members made the choice.

They cited a study which showed nearly a thousand fewer district students were enrolled.

At that time, school leaders said the closures make things more cost efficient to maintain a high level of learning for the students.

Thursday, marks the long anticipated moment many students, teachers, and parents hoped wouldn't come.

"It's pretty sad you know cause like this school (Frontier Middle) is really good you know. Like I really don't want to move. I have so many friends and stuff, you know," said Riddik Pound, a Frontier Middle student.

"It's sad to see the school close and him to have to go to a new school," said Jennifer McInturff a parent of a Mountain View Elementary student.

Mountain View's closure also means mills is now left without a school.

Principal Anna Lavin says it's been a roller coaster ride for her institution, but they're making it through.

"I think that the kids are holding together pretty well because of the amount of support that we provide to them out here," said Anna Lavin, the Mountain View Principal.

Although the decision to close all four schools was disappointing, teachers and parents say they can't do nothing more, but move forward."

"It's kind of one day at a time at this point, just making sure that everything that needs to be accomplished gets accomplished before the official closing."

And everyone ended Thursday on a high note.

Whether it was playing games, honoring student's accomplishments, showing off dance moves or having a graduation ceremony.

"It's time to say good byyyyyeeeeee!"

But as everyone moves on, their marks will remain etched in each school's history.

Teacher still reported to school Friday.

However, all staffs have to clear out of each school by mid-June.

School leaders are still deciding what to do for each property.