Saving Energy this Winter

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Winter is coming, which means cold weather, and expensive energy bills.

One way you can save, is as easy as checking and cleaning your chimney.

Instead of doing an open space fire, look to investing in a space heater

AC units in the wall can also be covered up to prevent warm air from leaking out.

An item to put on your Christmas list could also be solar panels due to the Federal Government’s 30% federal investment tax credit.

For Wyoming residents, it’s also a very unique asset.

"The nice part about Wyoming is that when you have a cold sunny day, you can actually produce more solar than you can in a hot day in the summer because heat creates resistance. The solar panels are not quite as efficient when they get really hot," says Range Solar & Wind representative Deb Theriault.

Keeping the thermostat down and bundling up will have the same effect on your money.

Another overlooked method to saving energy is as easy as unplugging your phone and laptop chargers since they still draw energy even when they are not connected to your device.

Range solar and wind officials say that solar energy cannot completely replace your utility costs, but good energy saving habits will.