Running Away from the Cold into 2018 with the Windy City Striders

Casper's frigid weather didn't stop runners from starting their New Years' resolutions.

This past weekend we spoke with Casper’s Windy City Striders about how they brought in 2018.

Zero degrees didn't stop 35 participants from running the Resolution Run on Saturday.

One runner, Wendy Thorvaldson said in the cold on Saturday, “I'm a treadmill runner during the winter, so I’m not used to this cold."

The three mile run near the Platte River wasn't like any typical race, as runner Pam Miller explained, “It's not the person who is the fastest. It's the person who comes close to their predicted time."

Participants were asked to predict their finish time at registration and the unique thing was not everyone started at the same time.

Based on their predictions, runners watched the official clock count down to their start time.

"There’s no watches, no garments, no fit-bits, no phones. Nothing is aloud."

Runners of all ages had goals to get active during the winter season.
Windy City Striders allowed everyone to participate, no matter their running experience.

"We want to encourage our walkers/runners to come out and join our community. It's just not about fast running."

If you missed the weekend race, you aren’t out of luck yet.

The striders have *five more races throughout the winter with each race getting progressively longer.

As we roll into the New Year we all will set goals for getting healthier.
The striders said running is a good start.

"It’s just getting out and moving and that's our focus for Windy City Striders."

A way we can all ring in the New Year is by lacing up your running shoes, putting on warm gear and being active.

If you're interested in getting involved with the Windy City Striders their next board meeting is Wednesday at 6:00 pm at the Platte River Trails Building and Tate Pumphouse.