Road Salts can Harm Pets

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CASPER, Wyo. Road salt is acidic, which makes it corrosive to skin.

However, there are ways to keep your pet safe.

"They can be irritating to the paws when they come in contact with them. So when animals are outside, going outside to do their business, this time of year when those products are being used, it's important to wipe their feet off when they come back in so the salt isn't sitting in contact with their skin for prolonged periods of time." Explained Dr. Tangney Gray, a local Veterinarian.

Road salt is also dangerous if animals eat it.

"Little bit of salt ingestion can cause kind of more mild G.I. upset and that's what we would typically come across."

However, ingesting large amounts can be life threating.

Gray suggests using pet-friendly salt on your property.

"It's just a less corrosive form of salt. So the chemicals or the compounds I should say that are in it are different and they tend not to alter affect the pH as much and have less corrosive capability."

"Our ice-melt that people usually typically buy is just a coarse salt. It's called an extra coarse salt." Said Jamie Haigler, the owner of Noland Feed. "The granule is thicker, heavier coarse salt."

You can also put boots on your pet's paws to protect its feet.