Riverton Students Test Balloons For Wyoming's Solar Eclipse

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A balloon meant to touch the edge of space is launched from Riverton.
Riverton’s Rendezvous Elementary students lined the launch zone to watch a balloon sour into the sky.

“This is our first test run, first balloon launch getting ready for when we’re going to send up a balloon to live-stream the eclipse on august 21st,” said Cheryl Coleman, the Eclipse Balloon Education Coordinator.

“I was a little bit stressed it might pop as we were blowing it up and then we weren’t going to be able to do anything but it actually was kind of fun, all the kids were watching and cheering and excited which makes it a lot more fun than just doing it by yourself,” said Philip Pierson, a Eclipse Balloon team member.

The balloon carries with it three “paylod boxes” with students’ experiments inside.

While Eclipse Balloon team members got the balloon ready for launch, it started raining, which was a bit worrisome.

“Anything like rain or anything like that could potentially pop the balloons I was a little nervous when it started raining but pretty happy it didn’t blow up while we were blowing it up,” he said.

The launch went off without a hitch, but the hardest part is ahead, finding the balloon when it lands.

The balloon will reach around 100,000 feet before popping.

Eclipse balloon team members started working on this project last summer.

This is the first time they’ve been able to see their hard work in action.