Riverton High School Hazing Calls Student's Safety into Question

We've followed this story from the beginning.

Three teens charged in a Riverton High School hazing incident called the snake pit.

But now the focus turns to school coaches... And their responsibility to student safety.

Videos used in court and obtained by news 13... Show wrestlers holding each other down in what s known as the snake pit taking their hands and swiping each other on the behind just a few rows from where the coaches were sitting.

"A lot of parents will try to defend it i don t take issues with those parents," says Vance Countryman, attorney. "I'm not faulting those coaches. It looks to me that there is at least some encouragement for these things and they perceive it as bonding of course what happens when we go to far."

In this case three former Riverton High School wrestlers face jail time and probation for unlawful touching but the coaches head another year for the team.

According to the affidavits multiple wrestlers said the coaches knew about the activity.

One even said he witnessed a coach getting involved himself.

"There is evidence that their involved to some extent but certainly their knowledge and that seems to be a black hole for the administration i have not seen them respond to that at all," Countryman adds.

We asked the superintendent about the allegations and the decision not to take action against staff

"I truly believe that our staff acted as soon as they knew and that I stand behind the actions and the characters of my staff my administrators the coaches and students these are good people," Terry Snyder told News 13.

Snyder says pointing blame on school staff is only a tactic used to help the students case.

School officials say the case is over and they are moving forward with new protocol for bus trips... To prevent incidents like this from happening again.