Riverton Food Bank Expected to Close in October

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Riverton’s food bank operations may be closing their doors as early as early as next month.

Operators rely on personal funds to support the food bank, but a lack of community support has led to the early closure.

Last year the food bank gave away sixty-two thousand pounds of food to those in need.

Operators said only the help from the community will keep them from afloat.

LLyod Eckstein, Riverton Community Food Bank President told News 13, “If we do not get the community to step up and help a little bit our funding is almost nil and so we keep buying food locally and were running out, basically money totally so we may have to close the doors cause of it."

Operators said there is a chance to prevent the community service from closing with the help of residents.

If you have any can goods or packaged foods, contact the Riverton food bank for drop off times.