Riverton Facebook Scam Alert

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Riverton Police issue a Facebook scam alert.
Police say they have received multiple reports of middle-aged men targeted by a Facebook scam. The scam starts as a friend request from unknown women wanting to talk. The unknown women convince the men to send nude photos of themselves. Once the women have the pictures they say they are actually only 15-years-old and attempt to blackmail the men.
"The female then says oh by the way I’m a 15 year old girl and if you don't send money to the Ivory Coast MoneyGram I’m going to post your naked photographs all over the internet all over social media to your family and friends." - Captain Eric Murphy, Riverton Police Department

At least 3 similar cases were reported in the past week. None of the men actually paid any money. The scam targets men specifically aged 30-40. Police urge people to not accept friend requests from people you don't know. Captain Murphy says scams like this happen more frequently and are getting more aggressive.