Riding the Wyo Waves...Safely.

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River floating or rafting becomes an enjoyable activity during the hot summer months, but emergency responders advise outdoor enthusiasts to be safe after two men drowned near Jackson.

Casper Fire Captain Justin Smith, "One of the best things people can do is become prepared."

This, a message emergency responders are sharing with residents about the dangers while being out on the river.

Across the country drownings occur as a result of someone capsizing in rafts, canoes, and kayaks and slipping under the river's currents.

Captain Smith continued, “Every year we respond to the river because people are having difficulties, typically in the white water part."

"You know no one is immune to the dangers that the water could pose. Certainly young children and those that have difficulty swimming are the most at risk."

And that's when life jackets become important.

WGFD Janet Milek commented, “Often times in Wyoming the water gets cold. When you hit, you may take a gasp in because you're kind of shocked at that temperature."

Simply wearing a helmet can protect you too.

"Often times you're going to get banged around and if you can protect your head from knocked unconscious accidently."

Always watch for floating debris along the river, it could snatch and pull you under the water.

Another reminder from Captain Smith, “Don't wander out on the water by yourself and always have friends travel with you.”