Restaurants Stocking Up for Thousand's Hitting Casper

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Thousands will arrive in Casper this week for the eclipse and many will dine at local restaurants.

Restaurants in town are placing their orders for thousands of dollars’ worth of food in anticipation of visitors for the “greatest show in the sky.”

Staff at the Ramkota Hotel says their chef is stocking up on favorites found only in Wyoming.

Karin East says the chief is ordering "fifty percent more food than he normally would order based on a full house knowing the numbers are going to be higher because people are doubling and tripling up in their guest rooms."

When the new product hits the shelves East says the hotel is prepared to hold as much as possible.

"We’re not ordering any special refrigerated trucks or anything like that they are having stuff delivered a little bit earlier."

Staff with On the Border restaurant say they are ready for the eclipse and that these shelves will be stocked and piled to the ceiling come this weekend.

"We’ll have a very large freezer and refrigerator section and we're just gonna stack it to the ceiling to make sure we have fresh product” says manager Rachel Middleton.

According to Middleton they will stack a $20,000 food order.

She says they'll have the space and staff to accommodate this order.

"We have a very large truck order coming in about quadruple the size of our normal ordering and we have some people coming in to help out, a host, another manager, some servers and cooks to really beef up our staff to make sure we can take care of all of our guests that are gonna be here."

East says her team is ready, stocked, and prepared to feed the thousands heading towards Casper this week.

News 13 reached out to US Foods to see if they are receiving high volume orders but they were unable to comment at this time.