Restaurant Industry Bubble Bursting?

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If you look around Casper, there are a variety of different restaurants.

We are familiar with chain restaurants wherever you call home, but there is usually a small local restaurant that's been around for as long as you can remember.

Lindsey Bell of Bosco’s Italian Restaurant says visitors that stay at hotels close by are often referred to their location on East A Street.

When visitors stay on the eastern side of town, it's a little harder to bring them past 2nd Street.

Bosco's is one of those restaurants that are unique to Casper.

It's been here for over forty years, but do similar restaurants make it competitive for them as well?

"Most of the hotels on 2nd street frequent Olive Garden or something that's right there on the main strip that they can find easily," Bell added.

Competition is one thing, but other issues restaurant owners face include higher minimum wage, hiring on qualified employees, and all while maintaining a budget.

"Susan is pretty much our one and only cook,” Bell said. “She'll have her son help her a couple nights. Other than that, if Susan can't cook, we're not open."

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, of the nearly three million people earning minimum wage in 2015, the highest percentage came from food service jobs.

Depending on the number of hour wage workers, profits could see a large reduction.